saffron twirl

The handle of the front door jiggled. It was 15,00h and I knew it was her. I quickened my pace to unlock the door. Sporting her bright new pink tennis shoes and new blue outfit, Saffron was smiling and happy to see me again. The plan was for her to stay with me over the weekend, but she also wanted to see horses at the rodeo on Sunday. Wanting her to have the best of both worlds, I dropped her off at her father's house late Saturday afternoon.

She informed me she did not get to go to the rodeo yesterday after all. The day was filled with church going and shopping with the other family and so they ended up not making it to the rodeo. I was disappointed she did not get to see the horses she so wanted to see but was more disappointed for both of us that she did not get her weekend with me as promised. No doubt we will make the best of the days we have this week.

First on the agenda was photographing my daughter as she twirled around in her new skirt. It was cold outside - too cold for the tank top she was wearing - but she did not seem to mind or want to put on her jacket. I told her about the house I found close to her school which we will take a look at later this week. When I showed her the pictures of the house online, she thought it might be her friend's house. I asked her if she would like to drive by it, seeing how it was a mere five minutes away, and so we got in the van and drove by it. The house was not her friend's house but it is within walking distance of her school.

When we returned home, she changed into her home clothes and removed her homework folder from her backpack. We started with the most difficult part - math. Saffron and I sat on the cushions at the coffee/dining table and spent a good part of an hour working on page after page of the homework. What I did not realise was that the homework was for the entire week and did not need to be turned in until Thursday. We completed all but the last page which we will save for tomorrow.

Her reading homework was next. By the time she finished her 20 minutes of reading, it was time for dinner. She took her time with the meal before she went upstairs to shower and get ready for story time. She selected Madeleine and we took turns reading the pages. There was no argument from her about bedtime being at a 'normal' time. I believe in a bedtime no later than 20,00h. It was 19,45h when I turned out the light and tucked her in her warm comforter. Saffron's week with me is here and will be memorable for us both as were the two weeks we spent together last October in Berlin.