spring wf tree 328

This morning was the first time I returned to the new house since I showed the place to the children Wednesday afternoon. Up until then, I stayed away since the urgency to move is not a factor and there was plenty to do at the old place. Initially, I went with the intent on photographing the house empty albeit the lack of sunlight throughout the house made the task a challenging one.

Since this house is a rental, I was not too concerned with the amount of sunlight. The backyard sees much of the sun but since the back of the house is covered with a roof over the patio, the living room sees little light as does the kitchen. The two children's rooms upstairs face the backyard. The room with the most light is Sage's due to the fact there is no tree covering the window in his room as there is in his sisters' room. My room faces the street and gets late afternoon sun.

In the early afternoon, I loaded the minivan with book boxes and carried them inside the house instead of leaving them in the garage as I had done at this old place. I decided to take everything which belongs inside the house and leave it there even if it remains inside boxes. Since the new garage has one door, it is now possible to drive the minivan inside the garage and leave it there. On cold winter nights and hot summer days, this will be a blessing.

The dark living room in the back of the house is where I decided to stack all of the boxes I brought in today. I made a total of three trips with book boxes and boxes filled with kitchen items. The last trip ended with my plastic boxes full of yarns and hand knit items from my Etsy shop. Tomorrow I plan on taking more boxes over and perhaps even some furniture which I am able to carry myself. A trip to Home Depot is also planned for some time tomorrow as I need a rake to clean up the leaves which have fallen to the ground since Wednesday.

As I take ownership of the new place, I sense there will be a feeling of both relief and calmness. Relief in leaving this townhouse and settling into a whole house and calmness as I organise and decorate the new house to reflect our own style and make it a place where we look forward to coming to at the end of the day. Even if we stay at the new house for one year, I am willing to unpack most of the boxes if it means our next move will be our own purchased house. Being comfortable in our homes is key to being relaxed.