the tree 413

Today was my first day returning to the workplace after having stayed home with the children for the past nine years, to include the first pregnancy. Though temporary, it is a start to a different life than before. I am already seeing that many things will need to be scheduled as they have not been so before. Having 'all the time in the world' as a stay-at-home mom, one gets used to a more relaxed schedule and the absence of many hours lost during the morning and afternoon commutes to work.

What I did not realise when I was given this assignment was the distance I would have to drive and the fact that Austin traffic is absolutely abysmal. The job is located 20 miles away in south Austin. I was told that if I left work even 15 minutes past 16,00h, I would be stuck in traffic up to two hours. I left at 16,05h and made it home in 48 minutes.

The morning traffic was not pleasant but I did not have to be at work until 09,00. However, I first needed to stop in at the staffing agency to fill out paperwork and submit two forms of identification. Since I was not informed of the expired paperwork and needed identification, I had to drive the 22 miles round trip back home to get my passport. I was not pleased with the realisation I would be late on my first day. Thankfully the agency took full blame for the incident.

The day started slow as most first days do, but tomorrow the pace will pick up as will my acquiring new knowledge and experience. When I returned home, I texted my boyfriend who had a day off today. We decided to give Skype a break for a while as we both settle into our new homes. He had moved into an apartment across the terrace from his old place a few weeks ago but was notified today of the need to move. In fact, all of the residents need to move.

My boyfriend was not pleased with having to move yet again so soon. I only wish his next move would be here to the States but I know this is nothing which will happen anytime soon. More patience is needed as we sort out our individual lives in order to be together. I would move there with the children if I could, but alas this is not a possibility.

Having taken three van loads of more stuff to the new place, I was tired and had no more energy left to complete the rest of the preparations for the furniture to be moved by movers. I am attempting to reschedule one more time for later in the week as time to complete everything needed is simply not enough with the new job.

After nine years, I have taken the first step towards a new life. It is a different life than before and one which will bring with it many challenges to overcome. As with all challenges, they serve to make us stronger in the end. Things might seem impossible now but nothing is truly impossible if we look beyond the difficulties and find joy in the little things instead.