sage wall

It was another long day wondering how I will get anything done with the kids staying with me this week. By the time I get home from work, I am too tired to do any further organising or packing of boxes. Meals are quickly put together but at least we are together. I had wanted a better start to my week with the children but when you are in the midst of a move and have nobody to look after the children you do what you can to make things work.

Utter chaos surrounds us as items of necessity are often left unfound. After school, we had to drive to the local store in order to get new toothbrushes for the children since I threw out their old ones thinking I would start them with new ones at the new place. Little did I know I still needed them here this week. I had them pick out one flavour of ice cream to add to the ones we have at home. Sage picked Caramel Cone which was not something his sisters wanted. They preferred lemon or raspberry. Raspberry was nowhere to be found.

Learning to live in the midst of chaos is a good learning lesson for the children. As parents, we have a tendency to want to shield our children from anything unpleasant. In doing so, we are inevitably setting them up for disappointment later in life as they find out chaos is a normal part of life. They will grow up as if in a bubble and not be able to handle reality as they grow older. Therefore, it is important to teach children to be adaptable to any situation.

not a little bit

As I was leaving work today, I noticed a text message on my phone from the staffing agency. I was instructed to call back as soon as possible regarding another job opportunity starting next week as the assignment I am currently on ends this Friday. In a way I wished I could have been able to stay at this current job as I have enjoyed getting to know the two ladies in my department. But I realise the need to move forward.

We pass through life meeting people along the way. Some end up staying. Others are meant to last but for a short while. But with every encounter, we take something away with us. We learn a little more about ourselves, others, and life in general. We all have battles to fight and obstacles to overcome. Getting a glimpse into other people's lives shows us we are not alone in our struggles.