torc waterfall

The day's activities started after a quiet breakfast. It was far too quiet for my liking but the conversations around me made up for it in a way.

I walked to the stables which were not too far from the B&B. There I met up with the owner and a young couple from the States who were also going on the ride. Since the girl had experience with riding horses, she rode alone in the back whilst the owner led my horse and the other horse in front on foot.

The owner and his wife owned a farm with sheep and horses but also ran a small B&B. There was also a rooster and dogs. For Cinnamon, I photographed her favourite animal.

horse ride
horned sheep

Afterwards, I took to the National Park where I saw the lake, Muckross House, and the Torc Waterfall. Though it took hours to complete the tour, it was a pleasant and quiet saunter.

the light
the lake
muckross house
wooden bench
orange wisps
tree bare killarney