seena braids

At some point we come to realise the time we spend doing something brings us little to no satisfaction and we could instead be doing something which brings us more pleasure. Tradeoffs and compromises are made in order to maximize the limited hours in a day. As such, my decision to spend the summer away from this place I have dubbed 'The Cave' is a good one.

Instead of sorting through endless boxes in the attempt to organise and make this place somewhat livable, I have chosen to return to the Emerald Isle where I will have conversations with my boyfriend in person rather than relying on Skype. Since my children will not be with me for most of this summer, I would be alone in this dark and gloomy abode waiting for days to pass until they return. 

The fact that I have just returned from Ireland a week ago is not lost on me as I prepare to embark on this crazy adventure. But what is a life without adventure. I have made the journey abroad so often it no longer feels like a vacation but a commute to my other home. The home where my other half resides. At some point he will be able to make it to the States, but for now we have found our happy medium.