sunset 913

Though productive, today was another Sunday spent apart. Apart from each other's company on the other side of the world. Today would have been a good day to make soup as he was ill. With the cool weather in Ireland we would have enjoyed the warm soup as we sat across from each other in the living room watching a movie or simply listening to music.

I can imagine us going for a walk at some point and running into someone we knew along the way. Such is the case every time I am there as the town is small enough and I have been there plenty of times to where I have gotten to know his friends and they have come to know me. It is quite the contrast from my home in the States where I can walk all around town and never come across anyone I know on any particular day.

My times in Ireland are ones I have come to cherish though I realise when I start to work those times will be less frequent. Regardless, we will make the best of our days together when we see each other again as we explore the beautiful Irish countryside and walk around the little town I have come to regard as my second home.