sage soccer ball

The activities of the week returned today and commenced with a new ballet class for the girls in a new dance studio. The young teacher with blue hair was impressive as she eluded gracefulness and took the time to correct any girl she noticed was struggling with a pose. This was quite the contrast from last week's class where the older dance instructor gave no regard to the incorrect form of the girls in the class and instead seemed relieved when the class was over.

Whilst the girls were dancing behind the almost one-way glass windows, the boys were outside chasing chickens. The mother chicken appeared at the front door of the studio causing quite a stir. I walked outside with Sage and heard the sounds of baby chicks which ended up belonging to 'teenage' chicks. I laughed and took a photo of them with my phone to send to my boyfriend. I knew it would get him to smile.

After the dance class, we all headed to the park where the boys had soccer practice. I watched his focused attention as he interacted with the other boys on his team. It was a pleasure to see him using both his body and mind instead of simply sitting at home and building Lego sets and working on math problems. Afterwards he commented on how he could barely walk. I knew he would sleep well tonight.

As the end of yet another week approaches, we reflect on the changes which have taken place and the future changes still to come. Schedules will be forever shifting as we all work together for the good of the children. Despite our best efforts, there will be times when one or the other parent or stepparent will not be able to attend the children's activities for various unavoidable reasons. This is the reality of life but we will make every effort we can in order to be there when they need us most.

Life is a series of inevitable changes we can learn to accept in order to move forward or deny and get left behind. Children can teach us many things if we simply take the time to observe their various actions and reactions. They adapt to change though not without some difficulty as we adults tend to look upon change with disdain. Once we let go and realise that change and life go hand in hand, we can learn to cherish the days we have ahead of us.