super moon

On top of the roof of the parking garage of The Oasis I waited. At first alone, I attached my camera to the tripod facing the sky at 90 degrees east and waited for the spectacular rising of the Super Blood Moon.

More people arrived with great anticipation as there was much hype about this rare occurrence. An occurrence such as this one would not appear again until the year 2033.

Somehow I expected more. I imagined a grandiose display as the moon rose over the hills. I watched the distant lights and waited. But there was no moon rising in the distance as it had already risen behind the clouds.

blurred city lights

As I waited for my chance to capture a great event, I felt disappointed. Not only was I not able to capture the blood red moon, but my children spent the evening away from me at the request of their father, leaving me alone on this Sunday night.

Deciding there was not much left to photograph, I left. I drove home and waited half an hour before driving a mile away where I parked on the side of a road and waited for the eclipse and the emergence of the blood red colour of the moon.

Cars drove by casting their harsh lights in my direction. Despite the light and the clouds which covered the sky, I settled on a nebulous capture of the not so super blood moon.

nebulous red

The house was quiet upon my return and would remain so the rest of the evening. One day, I thought to myself, things will be different. The clouds will part. The moon will shine brightly upon a new path.