new soccer ball

I was pleased to see the children playing outside in the backyard after school. The soccer ball I ordered for Sage arrived late last night and was waiting for him when he came home today. He loved it. He asked Cinnamon if she wanted to go outside and play. They both grabbed their shoes and ran outside.

sage kicks

Whilst Sage was kicking around the ball into the two goals he set up with the trees and the area opposite the trees, Saffron was sitting on one of the Moroccan chairs on the patio. She was drawing a basket of eggs for me.

Meanwhile, the middle child was working on her handstands and cartwheels which are getting better every day.

After a while the younger two played together with Cinnamon attending to one of the goals and Sage trying to get the ball past her. It was nice to see them playing together outdoors on this sunny and warm autumn day.

seena handstand

As evening approached, I was left wondering what the future has in store for me as the day did not end as I had hoped. Everything has a way of working out for the better though we might not see it at the moment. The past has gone, the future is yet unknown. All we are left with is today and the hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.