new kitchen bw

And so a new chapter begins with the joining of two families and a new place to live.

'Army family' he calls it as we continue to live together though separated by an ocean and thousands of miles. It will be months before we see each other in person again. Skype and Viber will once again become our modes of communication as we account for the six-hour difference in our days.

Last night after the children and I returned from the airport, we walked across the parking lot to our new apartment. The one which spans four garages. They were overjoyed. 'It looks like a real house!' they exclaimed as they ran from one room to the other and outside on the two-part balcony.

The two bedrooms and two bathrooms are separated by a large open living room and kitchen. The kitchen being the focal point of the apartment. The place itself is almost twice the size of our current one-bedroom place which we have inhabited for the past six months. I had hoped to save money by living at the smaller place but have come to realise that too much comfort is being sacrificed as we lived like rats in a cage.

So now I will have focus on the new place for a while as I try not to think about the months until I see my husband again. This time it is different. This time we have plans for our future as we begin this new chapter in our lives.