morning 12132016

With weather so warm these past two days, it feels anything like winter. I took my winter coat to work with me this morning. The one I bought for my first trip to Scotland and Ireland three years ago. I ended up leaving it in the car as the temperature climbed to 23 degrees Celsius by the time I walked outside during my lunch break.

Lunch was minimal. The half almond butter with honey sandwich I did not eat yesterday plus a protein bar. I wished for soup or anything else more substantial but did not get around to making anything at home as things are not yet set up. They will most likely not be set up tomorrow as well but I look forward to my first day off on Thursday to work on our new place.

I wonder how to organise everything but realise the little things, the micro organising of things, will have to wait until the furniture is all in place and assembled. Perhaps when the living room is set up the weather will turn colder and I will be able to spend the last Sunday before Christmas sitting on the daybed couch reading one of my new books. Until then I will be waiting for winter to arrive this year.