new books dec2016

First day off after having worked the past three days. My goal for today was attained as I completed most of the items on my to-do list. The most important being a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles to change my name on my driver's license.

The lady at window 1 convinced me to renew my license as well instead of returning next year and paying an additional fee. Two birds. One stone. 

Before the name change, however, I stopped by the car parts shop to buy new windshield wiper blades. The old ones were simply old and worn out as the rubber squeaked against the glass as it left streaks of water across the center. The guy at the counter was helpful in finding the replacement and changing the blades as well.

After a few more stops I returned home. It was still before noon but I had more to do on my days off. I did the best I could and vowed to continue tomorrow until I get the living room cleared of all of the mattresses.

Tomorrow I will have more time to clean but only after going to the children's school for their holiday parties. All three of them. Afterwards, I return home and continue with my to-do list in order to get ready for the last weekend before Christmas. Work on Saturday and a dream for Sunday of sitting on the daybed in the living room and reading my new books.