playground fun

His assignment for today's portion of the homework was to write a few words and draw a picture of leap year four years ago, today, and four years into the future.

Sage thought about what he could have been doing four years ago on February 29th when he was two years old. He wrote 'take a nap' and drew a picture of his crib with him inside it and me standing above him as I watched him sleep.

On the second square, he drew a series of hexagonal shapes and him inside of them. He wrote 'play on the playground' as that is precisely what he did today after running club with his sisters. All three played for a while until they wanted to go home.

The last square was to be a prediction of the future when Sage would be ten years old. For some reason he decided to write 'take the starr test' and drew a picture of himself sitting at a desk with his arms in the air as he correctly answered 14/7=2. Along with the division equation, he showed fourteen dots with a circle around each set of seven of them. This follows my having explained division to him on the weekend as he was eager to learn more than simply addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Four years from now, we will look back on this day and see how close Sage got to the prediction he set out for himself today.