storm clouds may1716

With my hands to the window, I could feel the vibration of thunder. As I stood in what would have been my son's room, I was in awe of the show nature put on before me. Lightning and sunsets. Such beauty. Such splendor.

'Stay away from the window' I remember those words even now, decades later. Words spoken by my mom as I peeked through curtained windows in our family room downstairs. As I peered over the orange flowery couch. Even then I was enthralled with storms. As powerful and perilous as storms can be, there is something alluring and unexpected about them.

Life has storms as well. We expect everything to work as planned, not taking into consideration that the future is unpredictable. But without the bad, how can we appreciate the good without taking it for granted. How can we appreciate the sunsets and sunrises unless storms come our way to disrupt our lives.

I returned to my room and looked outside my window to the east. More storms rolled in along with rainfall. And more lightning ripping through the sky. I vowed to enjoy these views as long as I was able. One good thing about moving so many times is that you learn what you would like one day when you buy your forever home. Windows facing both east and west.

Compromises. Disruptions. Sacrifices. Patience. Life might seem disrupted at the moment, but things happen when they are meant to happen. We simply have to learn to find something to appreciate when we think there is nothing.