stripey sunset 051916

The birds were still in their nest by the time I left this morning. When I returned, the nest was empty. The four little birds were out testing their wings in order to take flight.

It amazes me how quickly the birds went from hatching to flying away. Last week when the children were here, they commented on how they saw four birds in the nest. I wonder whether the birds will be there when the children return tomorrow.

But the birds are not the only ones ready to take flight. Last night provided little sleep for us both. He on one side of the world ready to take the long bus drive to Dublin in order to take possession of his long-awaited passport. And me on the other side of the world waiting until 21:00 my time in order to call him to wake up for his bus ride.

At one point I fell asleep. When I awoke around 6:00, I saw a text from him. 'Problem' he wrote. And nothing more. 'Now what' I thought and then asked him whether or not he had his passport. I was already pondering cancelling my trip if he did not have it this time. He was messing with me at that point as he sent me a photo of his brand new passport with the word 'Maybe'.

The thought crossed my mind now that no longer will we say 'if' when it came to our future plans, but 'when'. The possibilities were there for us to take. At last we are able to plan. But the path to our destination is still a long one. 'One thing at a time' I thought. Just as with the birds whose tiny heads peered over their nest this past week wondering when they will be able to take flight, so we continue to wait for our time.