My oldest child called me tonight to tell me she loves me. And to tell me it has been a while since she has seen me. I asked her how was her week at school. 'Boring' she replied. But she did have something interesting to report about her brother.

Perhaps I should not have laughed when she told me. How my son oversharpened a pencil. And how he did not stop until the sharpener stopped. But I thought it was rather funny as I could envision my son standing in front of the classroom exclaiming how he was going to push the now small pencil even further into the electric sharpener. 

I wonder what was going through his mind. I wonder what he thought when he realised he had broken the school's sharpener. I wonder what his teacher thought. Perhaps she was laughing too. In her mind, of course.

My mischievous seven-year-old son was looking for attention. He did not come to the phone tonight. Not even to say 'hi'. Most likely he was being punished.

My oldest promised to text me every day to say 'good night'. I thanked her and wished her sweet dreams. I would see all three of my children Monday after work.