mothers day sunset 2018

The children were excited to give me their presents this morning as I went upstairs to check on them. Some they made. Others they bought. They know that I prefer anything they make. Including the aluminum foil 'cat bed' as my son called it.

Back downstairs, I started to make a special Sunday breakfast. My older daughter wanted to help. At least this way, she reasoned, she would not be on her iDevice. Of course that only lasted as long as she was helping me. Then she was back upstairs on her iPhone though Sundays I prefer to have a 'no device day'. The younger two understand that rule but the oldest is clearly addicted to her phone.

I cherished the time I had with my daughter helping make breakfast. The lemon ricotta mixture for the crepes, the strawberries and blueberries also with lemon zest and a little sugar, and the crepe batter. She was amazed at the transformation of the ricotta into something tastily edible with the simple addition of caster sugar and lemon zest. She made a double batch to be sure we had plenty for the crepes.

When the crepes were all made, we sat down and enjoyed them along with the berries. Out of the three children, my son was the one who could finish only half of what was on his plate. But he did return to the table later to finish the rest.

Afterwards I cleaned the kitchen island and started preparations for the lemon yogurt cake I later made with my son. I planned on making spaghetti sauce with my middle daughter but ran out of time as they had to be at their father's house by 18,00. At least we had crepes and cake. I'm hoping next time we can make something more.

Today was a day to celebrate mothers. I like to think of it rather as a day for mothers and children as without children there would be no mothers.

Every year is a different experience. The children are growing and developing different interests. But what is most important is to remember to make the most of the time we have. No matter the circumstances.