A song. A beat. A melody. Memories from times long past brought to the present by mere musical notes and words to accompany them as we contemplate their meaning. If there is any meaning to be deliberated or if it is reflection simply for the sake of consideration of a time through which we have already passed.

In a moment of introspection we are transported to a time before the current one before us. Ruminating about a life which, due to retrospect, now appears simpler than life today though at the time we might have believed otherwise.

Experiences and circumstances shape the person we become. One person can never have the exact same experiences as another just as one day is never the same as the day before or will be the same as days afterwards.

Such were the thoughts playing out before me as I set out on my evening walk by the high school across the street. The time alone providing for a welcomed tranquility. For dreaming about travelling abroad next summer as I was unable to do so this year. Wondering if we would be able to go to visit family I had not seen since my oldest turned one and we had celebrated with an aunt who is no longer with us in this world.

The children would love the island and the neighbouring island as well. The one with all the stray cats. That I am certain the children will enjoy. Too much time has passed since my last visit and many things have changed. People have changed as well. But the memories remain the same and are not something anyone can take away.

Minutes chase each other around the hands of the clock and turn into hours which turn into days and years as we realise how finite that time truly is that we are given. Oftentimes we berate ourselves for having wasted such precious time but such is the fact of life with the hope that we have learned from the lessons presented to us.

To spend even a moment longer on something which serves no purpose other than a painful reminder of something we would rather forget is a moment too long. Time where we could instead be creating new memories. Ones upon which we will one day fondly reflect.

My phone signaled an incoming message as I was on my walk. My middle daughter was apologising for not having written all day as she was at the Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels.  Two hours later when they finally arrived home, my son texted me as well. He also apologised for not writing back as he did not bring his iPad.

I told them both not to worry. To have fun and enjoy the summer. Every day is a day that they are making memories. Memories that they will carry with them into their adult lives and fondly remember one day as a song, a beat, a melody will bring that memory back to them.