In this Seussian world of competing to be noticed ("Look at me!" "Look at me!" "Look at me NOW!" - Cat in the Hat), we oftentimes take ourselves far too seriously - myself included. In order to lighten things up, we turn to something that makes up happier, such as humour. It can be in the form of comics, tv sitcoms, or any other form of comedy, but ultimately it is something that makes up stop and laugh, turning a frown upside down. Unfortunately, some people just don't have a sense of humour, confusing what one person says as a personal attack towards them.

Last night I came across a new Twitter profile that made me stop and laugh. It made me laugh because it was true, but not necessarily in a hurtful way. It, laughter, was something I desperately needed after experiencing much frustration over this past year, in particular. I then shared this profile and a few of my favorite tweets on my Facebook page and, so far, had 4 people "Unlike" my business page and 1 "Friend" unfriend me on my personal page. I'm ok with that. You're not hurting me or my feelings. In fact, it made me smile. :) Why? Somebody noticed. Also, if you really were a true friend, you'd know where I'm coming from and would laugh alongside me.

Laugh, don't jump to conclusions and assume the worst about someone. Stop for a second and think what that person might be going through. Chances are, it's not too different from your situation...a spouse unhappy with his current job, but needing to stay in order to feed his family; a stay-at-home mom trying to make a difference while venturing into a few creative outlets, but not getting anywhere with anything; children wanting attention from those unhappy, tired, and frustrated parents who, sadly, see their constant pleas as an annoyance. 

Take notice of those little things that are often overlooked. Savour that breath of fresh air, that rare sunny day of being able to sit outside, the innocent smiles on your childrens' faces. As annoying as their pleas might be at times, they are your future and you have the ability to show them that it is fine to be frustrated but it's also good to lighten up and enjoy the life you're given. You have only one chance to make a difference.

Life is too short not to have a sense of humour. If you can't laugh at yourself or the funny things in life, you might as well be dead.