Happy Saturday! Welcome to an ever evolving Coffee and a Pen.

It was another busy week with school coming to an end, signing up my oldest for first grade, and getting the house in order for weekend guests. 

SATURDAY:  I spent most of Saturday afternoon working on a new feature on my blog – KITCHEN NOTES: Recipe Development – which started with a simple Flourless Chocolate Torte.



SUNDAY:  The girls went with Papa to the year-end party at Saffi's friend's house while Sagey and I went grocery shopping. Yes, that's my boy in his sister's dress, shoes, and a hair clip. He had a lot of fun driving in, what the girls call, the "baby car".

MONDAY:  After 8 years of watching House, the end has come. The series is over. I remember my first time watching the show when I lived in San Francisco on Treasure Island and explaining to my (now) husband about a cool new show featuring a sarcastic doctor. Eight years later, we sat together and watched the two-hour series finale tonight - the first hour documenting the production of the show and all of the people involved in the creation of such a long-playing series. While most people might find that boring, I actually find that tremendously fascinating. Why? Most people might watch a show just for the sake of watching a show, but hardly realize all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a television show.

Today's food creations included two different smoothies. The first, a banana smoothie with lemon zest and the second, a berry smoothie with lemon zest.

TUESDAY:  I discovered a new blog through a Facebook link via Later that afternoon, I wrote a post in response to a seemingly unreceptive few on my Facebook page who decided to "Unlike" my page and unfriend me. It's true, you can't please everyone all of the time.

WEDNESDAY:  Today was the last day of school for both of my girls – Cinnamon finishing her first year at preschool and Saffron finishing kindergarten. I had a busy morning running around at the last minute getting together the German chocolates and Haribo gummy bears for her classmates. I'm sure Saffron does not fully realize what a significant day this was and that she will be moving away from the friends she once knew for nine long months and meeting new ones in a new school later this August.

THURSDAY:  Anyone who knows me knows that I despise filling out forms of any kind. Today, I filled out several pages of forms - twice. I signed up Saffron for first grade and went to a wellness center for alternative chiropractic care for my back that went out yesterday.

We ate out tonight (something that happens only a handful of times a year) at NXNW and sat in the back where a band played and where my boy got himself and the girls CDs from Rick by agreeing to be part of a dance train while the band played. Mostly he did it because I promised him chocolate. Yes, Cinnamon did go out dressed in that pink fairy outfit and all three kids had blinky shoes which attracted much attention.

" not do anything revengey until I get there" - so said Nolan to Emily (real Amanda) on tonight's season 1 finale of Revenge when she discovered that fake Amanda was back and pregnant. As I watched the finale, I discovered a new song by an English band I haven't heard of before tonight. I admit I had reservations when the show first came on, initially watching online while I sat to knit hats (mostly as a background distraction), but the show turned out to be quite intriguing with the plot twists throughout. “Seven Devils” has a dark mood and fit beautifully to the final scenes (starting at 37:22 to 40:48) with the plane coming into view and ending with Nolan ariving at Emily's to tell her the shocking news he discovered.  Anyone notice how Conrad had a different glass in his hand (from the brandy glass he had at the fireplace) as he walked into Charlotte’s room? In my opinion, it would have been more dramatic had Conrad dropped his glass on the floor instead of gently setting it on Charlotte's nightstand.

"Seven devils all around you

Seven devils in my house

See they were there when I woke up this morning

I'll be dead before the day is done" The chorus

FRIDAY:  My husband didn't have work today, so he joined us on our weekly grocery shopping trip to downtown Austin. It's always an adventure - and a bit of frustration - when going shopping with kids this age. Then again, they're only this young once in a lifetime. Cherish those little things, no matter how frustrating, because before you know it, your 3-year old, 4-year old, and 5-year old will be teenagers with unique challenges of their own. Welcome Summer!