A mere minutes ago, my 3-year old son looked at me and said "Bum Mama" (Sagey speak for "Come Mama"). Standing on the back patio stair landing, he started to walk inside the house. He kept looking back to see if I was following him. I knew what was coming - or at least I hoped that's what it was. He kept walking into our master bedroom and turned into the bathroom. Standing in front of the potty, he simply looked up at me. He needed to pee.

My little boy, who before would cry and scream when even confronted with potty training, has reached every parent's dream of success - potty training! Now if I can only get the three to eat veggies.

Later in the day we went to swim lessons for Saffi...

...and the rest of the afternoon we spent getting papers notarized for the kids' German passports and trying to find a post office which could expedite Saffi's expired US passport. Red tape. No fun.

Having to deal with a unhappy postal worker was also not fun.  It's your job lady, at least fake a smile. She told us the line was closed and no more passports were being processed even though I had called yesterday and found out that there were open until 14,30h. She completely ignored my husband as he asked her a question. We happened to find another post office that was fairly empty and didn't require an appointment. Luckily we were out of there within 10 minutes.

Attempting passport photos for Sagey's German passport was challenging. He kept looking every which way but directly at me. The middle photo is the closest I could get to "perfect".

After that I photographed the last seven cookies from last night's baking experiment. Shortly thereafter, the cookies disappeared.