Because one day the toys will no longer be lying all over every square inch of the house. The wooden train tracks carefully placed from the hallway at the front door all the way to the great room by the back door will have been put away in the attic - saved for future grandchildren. The Lego blocks and Lego table will also join the tracks in the attic, along with blocks and stuffed animals.

Embrace the innocent smiles...

...and the morning breakfast routine (Sagey's favorite being dark rye bread with almond butter and honey)

The sounds of two little girls signing the "Lulu" song (something they made up this morning), will be a distant memory. I opened up a Vimeo account tonight and need to learn how to compress and edit videos (in addition to actually learning how to shoot a video). The kids love watching themselves on video, despite the fact that it's not professional quality or anywhere close to it...just a simple home video for memory's sake.

The "Lulu" song from Natalija Brunner on Vimeo.