This morning I decide to walk in the opposite direction of my usual coffee shop. I took the subway for one stop and ended up on Kurfürstendamm in a fancy part of the city.

Since I didn't have too much time to explore, I settled on a coffee shop which had nice outdoor seating. The coffee was almost double in price than the one I usually get (3,90€ as opposed to 2,40€), but the extras (a cookie and a shot of water) added interest.

While sitting and drinking my coffee, I had a view of the street and people passing by. There was a man wearing a headset while yelling at the person on the other end. He screamed obscenities in German and at one point the waitresses came outside to see what was going on. I looked over to them and we all laughed.

I hurried back to the apartment to find that the kids and husband were still not ready to go to Oma's for breakfast. I guess I didn't have to hurry after all. My husband had to take care of getting a new television for his mom so I took the kids to the dungeon (our cold and dark apartment) where they played in front of the open front window - the only one providing any sort of usable natural light. It's also the window where I've been taking photographs of my cakes.

Today's cake experiment was a cake with poppy seeds and orange zest. It tasted delicious but was slightly crumbly seeing how Oma gave the children a spoon to scoop up the crumbs leftover on their plates. I worked some more on the formula and will test out the new recipe later this week. I think adding more egg yolks might do the addition to a few minor changes.

In less than two weeks we will be home in our large, warm, light filled home. I'm not looking forward to leaving just yet.