frankfurt fog

Delays are inconvenient but inevitable whilst traveling. For one reason or another, the plane will be delayed. Bad weather, mechanical issues, delays from incoming flights – these are the circumstances in which we have no control. The heavy fog in Frankfurt this morning was one such circumstance.

I awoke at 4,30 this morning to get ready for my 7,45 flight to Dublin via Frankfurt. My daughter and Oma rode with me in the taxi to the airport and waited until I entered the security area. Saffron kept waving to me as long as she could see me as her tear-stained face looked at me.

The first delay was on the tarmac in Berlin. Since the weather in Frankfurt was prohibitive, airplanes were advised to wait before the destination instead of circling the airspace above Frankfurt. We waited thirty minutes on the tarmac before departing.

As we approached Frankfurt, the weather did not improve in the meantime. The plane’s speed was reduced and we ended up circling Frankfurt three times before being allowed to land. My connecting flight to Dublin was scheduled to depart at 10,30 which gave me just enough time to make it the long way in the maze of the airport to gate B61.

Once at the gate, a group of people boarded the bus to the plane. I waited my turn until I saw the people on the bus being ushered out the door back into the waiting area. There was no announcement as to what was going on. We all simply waited and then waited some more.

Boarding was complete by 11. We were informed the delay was due to the plane’s late arrival from Tel Aviv. Again due to the heavy fog in Frankfurt. After yet another promise of take off, we were given the bad news of more delays. The plane finally took off at 12,08 and arrived in Dublin an hour and 45 minutes later.

Driving into downtown Dublin, a sign stated "EXPECT DELAYS". This was due to the protests against charging for household water. As anywhere in life, there will be delays due to one reason or another. The goal is to be able to calmly navigate through these delays in order to safely and sanely arrive at your destination.