tree shadow ennis

The sun appeared in all its glory today. Its harsh rays warmed the surrounding air which made taking a walk more bearable than previous days of near continuous rain. Once in the shadows, however, one would feel the bite of cold which would serve as a reminder to all to bask in the warmth of the sun as long as possible.

The first stop was Suas Coffee House. Having been here this past summer, I was familiar with the coffee and scones. I set out to find "the best" coffee houses in cities I visit and make a note of my favourites.

The scones with cream and homemade jams at lovecrumbs in Edinburgh are my favourite scones discovered thus far. The coffee I drank at both The Barn and Five Elephant in Berlin are my favourite coffees to date.

suas lights and scones

The bus and train station was the next stop to check on the schedule for tomorrow's trip to Cork. The lady at the train station counter informed me to check online for reduced fares. After creating the obligatory online account and entering the necessary information twice, I was able to make the reservation to Cork.

On the return walk from the station, I searched for people and things to photograph. People with stories to tell, such as an old lady crossing the street with a shopping bag full of groceries. She wore a hat and a knee-length overcoat - the hat evoking a time decades ago when women would dress up to go out.

I wondered about the story of this lady's life. What kind of life has she led thus far? Who did she have at home waiting for her. The Irish are known for large families so she might have a houseful of grandchildren waiting for her. What kind of stories could she tell of her youth, I wondered.

old lady in ennis

As I continued along the street, I noticed a plant which looked like a baby fern growing out of a rock wall. Many things of nature we often overlook as we pass them by. We hardly notice the interesting patterns nature creates but they are there for us to behold if we take the time to pause to observe.

rock wall plant

At O'Mahony's bookstore, I perused a table with new releases. I read the back cover of several books until I stumbled upon a book which intrigued me. "Before I Go To Sleep". I've not heard of the movie made from the book but the movie reviews do not sound too promising. Nevertheless, I prefer books to movies and this amnesia thriller reminded me of Groundhog Day. It also has similarities to Memento. Regardless of the poor reviews, I will read my book.

A stop at Knox's bar was next for a pint of Guinness. Preferring red wine on the occasion when I drink, I've never taken a liking to beer. Guinness is an exception, but only in Ireland.

Albeit the sun's appearance warmed most of the day, the night cooled to a chilling temperature as soon as the sun disappeared. Rain followed shortly thereafter as I walked to dinner at the Poet's Corner Bar in The Old Ground Hotel. Vegetarian spring rolls, a salad, and fries along with another pint of Guinness plus a chocolate truffle cake for dessert was more food than I am used to eating. Travel has a way of enticing us to try new food and experiences we otherwise would not have at home.

guinness at knox