river fergus

This time last week I was sitting on a plane making my way here to Ennis, Ireland. Albeit it's only been a week, it feels as if it has been much longer. Sadly, I am aware of the fact I must get on a plane Monday around noon leaving my home in Ireland for my journey back to my home in the States.

The sun made an appearance a few times today. Noticing clear skies shortly before I left the flat, it took a mere two minutes before I felt water droplets from the sky. I had intended on searching for postcards but changed plans as soon as the rain started falling harder.

The closest place to hide from the rain was the Suas Coffeehouse. Three people were already gathered in the doorway downstairs, escaping the rain as well. I walked up the stairs and sat at the table by the corner window and was glad the place was not crowded.  

There were two other customers already occupying other tables. I ordered what has now become my usual - a cappuccino and a fruit scone - and watched the rain outside. As I finished the last bite of my scone, I noticed the rain had stopped. I put on my scarf and jacket and paid on the way out.

The search for postcards from Ennis turned out to be more difficult than I had imagined. I found two shops carrying postcards from Ireland. I wanted something from Ennis but the three postcards I found at one shop was nothing I would want to receive much less send to anyone. Perhaps I will make my own as I take photographs around town and send them the next time I return to Ennis in February.

After my search for postcards, I returned home to remake my recipe for spiced chocolate chip cookies. The cookies I made a few days ago contained dark muscovado sugar instead of the light muscovado sugar with a less intense molasses flavour. Whilst the cookies were baking, I contacted a friend I hadn't seen since earlier this year. I took a few of the cookies to her place and was glad I did not get lost on my way there.

When I returned home it was still early enough to where I could bake something else before my boyfriend arrived home from work. I decided on a small lemon poppy seed cake which we will take with us tonight when we visit some other friends later tonight.