blarney castle

Words. A string of letters, or in some cases one letter, collectively joined into coherent units that we select to communicate our thoughts, expressions, and intentions.

We use them every day – some of us more than others. Powerful tools for communicating and ones which should be chosen carefully. But careful selection is not something we always do. In the end, this can end up causing more harm than good as we realise that the words ill-chosen are unable to be taken back.

I know someone who writes as eloquently as I’ve ever found anyone to write. Time is taken to carefully craft the words that appear on the page. Sometimes it takes a while to receive an email from this person, but when I do I am greatly rewarded with thought-provoking, insightful musings of life as seen through the eyes of one individual in a world where various points of view exist. The intention of thoughts conveyed is readily seen. Melodic. Flowing. As a score in a musical piece. Rare are those people who can express themselves so beautifully through the written word. People who often are overlooked and not seen for their true self.

Then there are those people who spit out words in anger or hurt, rapidly firing away as bullets out of a machine gun. Words they later wished they had not spoken. Once unleashed, they cannot be retrieved. For good or evil, they are here to stay. In black and white they appear as daggers never to be erased from your mind. Staring back at you even if you choose to delete them.

Words. Careful selection will help you get far in conveying your message even if it might take longer than someone wishes to wait. Hold your tongue if you’re unsure.