frozen buds

March. A month of newness, of awakenings, of fresh starts. One might wonder why the new calendar year does not commence in March instead of the dreary month of January when the cold, grey winter is still in full force.

The signs of spring start to appear all around us. The first buds of green emerge on the icicle-laden branches of the tree outside the bedroom window. Icicles in March. A rare occurrence here in Texas, as is the colder-than-normal weather we've been experiencing this winter. Weather so cold that the children have used up more "snow days" than the calendar year has penciled in. But all of this can change in an instant as the ice thaws and the green buds slowly unfold into beautiful green leaves.

Spring cleaning catches hold of us as we sift through long forgotten boxes filled with various items thrown randomly together throughout the year - toys, store receipts, children's school work and artwork - and closets desperately in need of pruning.

Grocery stores highlight the abundance of asparagus, artichokes, spinach, and carrots - making sure they are the first things we see as we enter the produce section. Plentiful recipes on how to use these springtime vegetables appear on various sites urging us to indulge in seasonal and lighter cooking. Green will soon be everywhere. The colour of life.

Cheery pastels - aqua blue, mint green, pale yellow, baby pink, violet, and coral - replace the cool colours of winter. Spring-themed duvet bed covers with spring birds, butterflies, and flowers replace the snow covered pine trees and the red and green plaid of the winter duvet covers. All signs that spring is right around the corner.

No more are we to be bound to the indoors as the days become longer and the weather more bearable.

March. A perfect time to try something new.