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Sometimes you have to wonder what children's book authors were thinking (or doing) whilst writing their books. Helen Palmer's "Fish Out of Water" is one example. The kids and I could not stop laughing tonight during story time. The second line is what started the giggling:

"This little fish,
I said to Mr. Carp..."

You see, it was easy to reverse the letters to read "Carp" as "Crap". In a way, I wanted to see if the kids were paying attention - which they clearly were. After two minutes of laughter, we continued the story of the boy who overfed the little fish even after Mr. Carp told him there would be consequences to overfeeding it.

The fish kept growing to the point where it was too large for even a swimming pool. Magically, Mr. Carp came to save the day, jumped into the pool, and shrank the little fish underwater. He handed a fishbowl, with the now little fish, to the boy. 

It was owl day for Cinnamon. She learned to draw owls in school today and continued when she returned home. I was happy to see how proud she was of her drawings.


Sage was content to sit and play a game - making up new rules along the way. 

ravensburger game

He then asked for paper so he could draw colourful dots with his new rainbow pencil.

rainbow dots

And me? I was photographing the last of the baby tomatoes for tonight's spicy sauce. The sauce was enough for one as I knew the kids wouldn't eat it. They preferred their penne pasta with feta and parmesan.

baby tomatoes

As we reached the end of tonight's story, I wondered how the fish was reduced to its original size. Magic? Or was Mr. Carp just full of "Crap".