Sometimes you know not what the day will bring. But you get up out of bed and move on with your day in hopes nothing bad befalls you.

Sometimes you come across something for which you've been searching at a time you've stopped looking and wonder if you should get it. You should - especially if such item is a set of measuring spoons which includes the smallest amount not found at your usual kitchen store.

So, you get the spoons because you know you'll need them when you go to Germany and remember the time you said to the lady at KaDeWe: "Ich suche löffel für backen" (I'm looking for spoons for baking). And this after you've been scanning all the stores in Berlin. The indignant stare forever seared in your mind reminds you to never even dare ask about the existence of measuring spoons in Germany. They simply do not exist - at least all the stores I've searched. And they will not let you forget it as they snobbishly tell you, in German, that we use scales for that. The snickering in the background between two colleagues as you walk away reminds you you're not in America.

eighth measuring spoon

Sometimes seemingly random events make no sense whatsoever. But you continue moving forward knowing that there is a reason yet unknown to you.

Sometimes you wonder about tomorrow. But know you should focus on today. Tomorrow will come in time.

anthro wooden salad set