incense burner

Moments. Short-lived...temporary...fleeting.

Moments create memories. Some you remember well. Others you soon forget. As a fire's smoke, moments pass but the scent lingers. The scent of a time as once we remember long ago.

Every time I smell anise, I'm transported to the times we visited Nona's sister in San Pedro. The creak of the screen door as we entered her house, the flowery 70s sofa reminiscent of that era, the kitchen in the back of the house which led to a yard with a garden and fig trees. The anise biscotti at my great aunt's place were a time in my life now long forgotten, but resurrected as a result of one smell. 

Every second of every day is an opportunity to create memories. To forge impressions. To make a difference.

golden burner

Fleeting as moments might be, they linger as memories deep within. Memories to resurface at a later point in time. Some wanting forever to be remembered. Others wishing to be freed. To forever be forgotten.

charcoal burning