tree canopy

Half an hour to the playground, a rapid 20 minutes on the return home, plus another half hour playing in the 35 Celsius Texas heat was sure to make the children tired. Silence ensued in a matter of minutes. Unlike previous evenings when silliness, giggles, and the occasional insistence of "it wasn't me!" as I walked by and noticed they were still awake, this evening was different. 

As soon as their heads touched their pillows, they were asleep - magically, as if pixie dust had been sprinkled upon them. Quiet blanketed the house and "Enjoy the Silence" played in my head - a most favourite Depeche Mode song - this link from the amazing concert I attended last year in Dublin (albeit my viewpoint was from way up high).

I was proud of the children for enduring such a long ride. They insisted on taking the Kettcar and balance bike and surprised me by pushing forward even though the sun beat down on us. At times I could not even see Cinnamon, as she rode far ahead of us. Sage insisted on a slower pace, claiming it was for my benefit so I could keep up with him.

kettcar and pedal less bike

Despite the intense heat, the children enjoyed a day free from school. Although if you'd asked the girl, she most likely would have preferred to go to school.

monkey bars

The boy, on the other hand, would have been content where he was - pondering life's complexities, coming up with more questions as to how something works (as the wheels on the Kettcar), and wondering when we'd get home so he could continue building something.

swing contemplation

Take advantage of those silent moments. Ponder life. Enjoy the silence.