sage big eyes

When we hear the words 'Have a nice life', the first thing which comes to mind is the thought you will never again see the person who spoke these words. Our journey with them is over and the time has come to move on. Whatever the reason, be it anger or misunderstanding or simply a fond farewell, these words have a certain meaning and are difficult to interpret otherwise.

Our journeys, our lives, take turns for the better some days and turn worse on other days. Staying on the path we set out to take can at times challenge and test us. We might be tempted to give up and take another path, go another way which seems easier at the time. Nothing worth having is simple. It is a battle we need to fight. In order to have a 'nice life' we must be willing to work for it - for better or worse.

The day started out early - too early for me. The children arrived last night and were up early this morning. I was still asleep downstairs on the daybed in the cold living room, albeit my down comforter kept me warm. The heater now is working only upstairs where the children are sleeping. At some point I hope to have my bed set up but I do not see that happening any time soon.

I made the children polenta for breakfast which they ate with maple syrup. For myself, I prepared a plate of vegetables, cheese, and a sunny side up egg. Sage was eager to start the next Lego set and asked if he could leave the table when he finished. Cinnamon was still hungry so I got her a small Gala apple as there was no more polenta.

Icicles were hanging off the roof of the new townhouse across from my patio. The temperatures were freezing but there was no snow as Cinnamon had wished for. She had visions of playing in the snow this morning. Somehow I do not think there will be any snow this winter but there are a several more weeks left until springtime.

january icicles

As the children worked on the new Lego set, I slept on the daybed next to them. Cedar fever took over and drained all my energy. We ended up staying indoors today and will most likely stay home tomorrow as the freezing weather is conducive to relaxing at home.

Our 'nice life' continued into the afternoon when Saffron called and spoke to her siblings. All three are getting excited for her return home in three weeks. The balance between the three will be restored and life will resume albeit differently than before.

Saturday night is movie night and although I do not own a television at this point or many movies for the children to watch, I did promise them popcorn and a movie. The movie was a Scooby Doo DVD with four episodes which I had them watch on my laptop as they enjoyed the Vermont maple and sea salt popcorn.

cinnamon and bunny

I spent Saturday night alone downstairs watching some German show on my iPad. I didn't mind so much but would have preferred to spend it with my boyfriend. Sadly, the distance and circumstances beyond our control are keeping us apart. Our 'nice life' is not always as nice as we would like it to be but it is all we have at the moment.