winter tree in january

From the moment we awaken to the time we lay to rest at night, life writes itself. Our lives are the accumulation of all of the moments we experience throughout the day. We might see certain aspects as mundane whilst others find them interesting. The routines, the rituals, the everyday happenings in our lives are part of who we are. Whatever the case, life happens and all we can do is embrace it.

The winter months are upon us which means most of us tend to stay indoors more than during the summer months. Whilst some people might find it dull and tiresome, others find it quite calming. The weeks of slowing down after the holidays and before the awakening of spring are ones we should use wisely. We should take the time to reflect on the road ahead of us and where we wish to take our story. We have more say in the direction our lives are heading than we tend to think.

At times we feel powerless as to the direction life takes us. Those are the moments where we simply sit back and observe. We learn from the observations and take note of things we would like to change and ponder how we can go about making those changes. Much patience is required at such times but the lessons learned are worth the investment of time.

On the other hand, there will be moments where we have a more active involvement in our life stories. The last minute decisions we make can change the entire course of our future. Our story, our lives take another direction with new experiences to discover. A whole new world opens up to us as we stand at the fork in the road and choose one path over the other.

The choice of the path we take is one we must learn to live with for going back is not an option. A second is all it takes to change the course of our future. The last-minute decision to wait for someone as you are leaving a restaurant or a concert which has ended has repercussions unbeknownst to you at the time.

The people we meet along the way all shape our views of the world. They might even change our views and lead us on another path. Had we not responded to the email received from the stranger we met at the coffeehouse, at the airport, at a concert, we might never have known another story - perhaps a better one than the one which had been writing itself up until now.

We can either embrace life and take an active role in all of the moments which come along or sit back and be passive. However the story unfolds remains to be seen. Either way, life writes itself. It keeps moving forward with or without you. There is no stopping it even when you die as the impressions you left upon others will forever be a part of those lives. Life continues with a new chapter.