cinnamon seven

The lemon madeleines were in the oven before 5,30 this morning. They were glazed and cooling by 5,45. I needed to get them to Cinnamon before she got on the bus this morning as they were her classroom birthday treats. She was delighted to see me and the cookies this morning as she and her brother greeted me at the door with their pajamas still on. I gave them both hugs and kisses, wished Cinnamon a happy birthday and told her I would come pick her up after school so she could stay with me for the night of her birthday as she had requested.

After dropping off the cookies, I continued to the gym. The workout was not as productive as I had slept a mere three hours, but I went despite my having been tired and decided I would eventually catch up on sleep. I had one more stop to make after my workout to get Cinnamon's main present - a large Lego kit. It was the Summer Caravan set which I wanted to get her for Christmas. She has come to enjoy building.

Presents were wrapped and the lemon cake was baked before I went to pick up my daughter this afternoon. She had been asking for a bow for her hair but instead of buying one, I decided to make one at the last minute from the silk sari ribbon and beads I use for the headbands in my Etsy shop. I sewed it onto a hair clip albeit it was not the clip I had wanted for that use. Despite that, Cinnamon liked it and was glad I made it for her.

At 15,15 I was waiting outside in the minivan thinking the bus had not yet arrived. It was still raining, as it had been all day, and it was cold outside as well. After five minutes of waiting in the minivan, I decided to ring the doorbell as I noticed the children's shoes outside the door. Their father asked if I would come in as he had bought an angel food cake. 'It's not like your cakes...' he started. The water for the Croatian coffee was cooking on the stove and the table was set, along with candles in the cake.

Sage was a bit cranky and vying for attention the entire time. I guessed he needed more sleep and will make certain he gets more of it this weekend when both children are back at my place. The impromptu party took me by surprise as I had intended on simply taking Cinnamon home to my place. 'The best interest of the children' is a phrase which will no doubt play an important part of this co-parenting situation. Today it was in the best interest of our daughter to have us celebrate her seventh birthday. She will have another larger party when her sister arrives albeit I will already be out of town by then.

We arrived home by 17,30. Still cold but without the rain at the moment, I wanted to take a photo of her outside despite the lack of good light. She wore the beautiful red dress which Saffron sent her for her birthday. I noticed her wiggly front tooth and knew it would most likely be gone by the time I returned home next month. I wanted to cherish those fleeting moments in photographs we can look back on one day - just as we did tonight as I showed Cinnamon photographs of her and her siblings from years ago. Much has changed since then.

She opened her presents and was overjoyed at her new Lego set. 'Yay! A big Lego set' she exclaimed. She liked the hair clips and bunny sweater as well, but her favourite present was the pink bunny slippers which brought a big smile to her face. I was happy to see her happy and thankful for another year to celebrate her life. Seven. My little girl is now seven.

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