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Intending to have a short lie down tonight after dinner and before the nighttime activities commenced, I ended up falling asleep with my son upstairs on his bed. All three of us ended up falling asleep upstairs where it is warm since I left the heating on. At least the upstairs portion of the heating works.

I awoke now, an hour before midnight, from a dream where I was looking at video footage of my father on a plane. He was wearing a grey sweater and was looking in the direction of the camera with a frightening look on his face. The plane was about to crash as it was landing.

For some reason it was a FedEx plane and in my dream I was following behind it with my children in a seeming reenactment of how it landed on a busy street somewhere with an overpass, I think a freeway in San Francisco, and veered off to the left which made its wing break off. It was a rather small plane as I saw it easily glide off its course with a slight wind.

In the next scene, I was walking with my children a bit further down the road where it appeared to be some sort of factory where plane parts circled as if on a conveyor belt for assembly and attached from above. I saw one of my children almost get hit in the head by one of the parts and then a worker told us we should not be there.

Then we were in a building and I was holding my son, cradling him like a baby, albeit he was already too large to be held as such. I put him down and was going to wash his hands or something. Then I awoke to write this before midnight.

There was a broken watch in the beginning of my dream, most likely from the time the plane crashed. I saw its hands frozen at 12:16.

I looked up the meaning of dreaming about planes and it makes sense. Fear and anxiety of failing due to my non-existent career with seemingly zero prospects for a future career. The interpretation of having watched a plane crash has reference to the divorce or childhood trauma. Trauma such as having had my father die at the age of 59 from a type of dementia known as Lewy Body Dementia. 'Lewy bodies with Pick's disease' was the diagnosis. He would have turned 72 in five days.