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When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
— Lao Tzu

Analysis paralysis is another term for overthinking. Overthinking happens when we spend too much time analysing something to the point of becoming unproductive. As a result, our lives become complicated which can lead to stress and unhappiness. Finding ways to overcome this tendency to overthink is key to a happier, satisfying, and more productive life.

In this age of technology, there are even more ways for us to get overwhelmed by information which makes it difficult for us to arrive at a solution. On a daily basis we are barraged with data and the possibility of research at our fingertips. With so much information we tend to think about the outcomes of choosing one option over the other until the point comes when we cannot choose any option and are thus left paralysed with indecision.

We fear moving forward. We strive for perfection. We rationalise and come up with excuses for why we cannot do something to the point where we end up either waiting too long to come to a conclusion or making a wrong decision.

The chaos of indecision clouds our minds to the point where we are left exhausted both mentally and physically. We spend countless hours, sometimes days, analysing one small and seemingly insignificant, choice that holds us captive and prevents us from taking the next step.

Sometimes an encouraging word from a good friend can change our perspective. Listening to our favourite music or going for a long walk can also clear our minds from the chaos which paralyses us. In the end, we realise we cannot control everything, nothing is perfect, and there is no such thing as the optimal solution. By letting go and focusing on the present moment, we can move forward into the future.