brasil and england

Brasil played against England at this morning's game. I arrived about five minutes after the game started as the children are not with me this weekend. Today's game was the liveliest of all the ones thus far as both teams ran and fell and tried scoring goals. In the end I am not sure who won but it did not matter.

At one point Sage came up to me full of pride to tell me how he got up shortly after having fallen down. Lately I have realised my little boy is no longer little but is growing up and gaining his own identity. His hesitation for a hug yesterday as I dropped him off at class made it clear that I need to follow his cue and let him tell me what he wants.

Being the youngest, Sage fights for his place in the family. He is doing rather well lately and his playing soccer has been good for him in terms of finding out what he likes and where he fits in. As long as he is happy, that is all which matters.

sage smiles
sage brasil

Meanwhile, Saffi and her younger stepbrother were playing their own game with Saffi defending the large goal. She has expressed a desire to play soccer in addition to the ballet which she started recently. Perhaps next season I will be attending her soccer games as well.

goalie saffi

After the game, I returned to a quiet home where it will remain as such for the next two weeks.

england ball