saffi ipad

'We didn't learn anything today' declared Saffron this afternoon as we sat around our little coffee table and ate banana bread fresh from the oven.

'What do you mean you didn't learn anything' I asked her.

'It was fun Friday!' she exclaimed. She went on to explain how her class celebrated nine weeks of being in school this year and how she was able to grab one of the last two spots in the electronics lab. She had her father's old iPad which he brought her to school this morning.

'No fair' chimed in her siblings. They did not celebrate the end of the first nine weeks in school nor did they get to play with electronics.

Saffron lounged on her daybed this afternoon and played Minecraft. Not knowing anything about Minecraft, I decided at some point I will need to familiarise myself with at least the basics. Nonetheless, my daughter was enjoying her quiet time despite not liking the abundance of lava in the secret underground city with floating people.

The younger two played in Sage's room. Cinnamon was playing airplane with her brother as she laid on the floor and suspended Sage up in the air. The horsey game was next with Cinnamon as the horse.

One day of play after four days of learning. I wonder if this would not be something beneficial every week of the year for adults as well as children.