pink grass
Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others.
— Unknown

The phenomenon of human nature is fascinating when we stop to think about it. When we find ourselves siting in a room full of people for a week, we come to know them in a way we perhaps did not expect. In addition, we might learn something about ourselves which we can take away from the experience to use for the future.

Everyone has a story. Some are more willing to share their story than others. The quiet few sitting at the end of the table might take some time to warm up to the rest of the group but their story is just as important as any other. We can learn something from each other if only we are willing to listen and not simply strive to be heard.

When we share, we inspire others, we motivate them, and we give the world something we did not think we had. We let people know they are not alone in this world as we let them know we too are going through something similar. When we choose to share a part of lives with strangers, whether through writing or simple face-to-face communication, we give hope for the future as we offer another point of view.

As I put down my headphones and listened to the people around me instead of the music, I found the various conversations both fascinating and inspiring. I discovered there are more people with a desire to create something to share with others. I was inspired by others' hard work to have a better future. I was motivated to think about returning to a path I had abandoned years ago.

Along our journey in life, we will come across people who help us get to where we need to go. At times we might not know why we had to meet someone when we did but the reason will be apparent to us at one point. When we share, we make a difference.