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The car struggled to start as I turned the key. No doubt it was the battery and I wondered for a second if I had left a light on though I knew it could not be possible since I locked the car last night with the remote which also turns off any lights. I feared I would not make it to my son's game this morning and was determined to get the car going.

As a last resort, I would have had to walk to the park albeit at that point the game would have been half over. After a few more turns of the key, the engine started and I was on my way. I arrived seven minutes into the game. Saffron ran over to me when she spotted me and gave me a hug. Her sister was busy perfecting her handstands.

My son's team was playing against France today. On the French team was one girl amongst the boys. I walked around photographing the game whilst my girls vied for my attention. Cinnamon wanted me to watch her doing handstands but I reminded her today was her brother's day and she should watch him play. She simply was not interested and stated it was 'boring'.


Saffron stayed by my side and watched her brother for a while. The strong presence of the sun made it difficult to comprehend the season had changed. Autumn was nowhere in sight. In another month, the soccer games will be over for the year with the children going into a hibernation of sorts until springtime.

run france
sage kicks

As I watched today's game, I noticed my son more distracted than usual. His shin guards were itching him so he stopped every once in a while to adjust the Velcro strap. He also mentioned he was thirsty but perhaps he was also tired. Despite the odds, Sage continued to play and did his best this warm October morning.

shin guards
on the bench
sage alone

When the game was over, I congratulated my son on his game and hugged all three of my children before leaving. My girls were walking with a girl from their father's neighbourhood who heard me tell them I would see them in a week. The girl asked them where I was going to which Cinnamon replied 'her house'. 'We're divorced', added Saffron as if it was a trivial matter.

saffi smile

Though her tone of voice made our life situation seem inconsequential, she no doubt feels differently about it. But circumstances have played out as such and we must all learn to adjust the best we can. We move forward and learn from the past in order not to make the same mistakes again.

My car failed to start as it did before the game. A few more turns and it was going once again. I drove to the nearby auto parts store and had a salesman check the battery. A dead cell. I feared I would have to spend money on a new battery but I was lucky as the battery was purchased from that store two years ago. It was still under warranty so it was replaced without charge.

Sometimes we get lucky with a second chance or even a third chance. Despite being knocked down repeatedly, as in a soccer game, we get back up and keep going. We continue with our goals and do the best we can. But most important is to never give up.

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