suas bw

'Where did you go? Galway?' he asked as I walked through the front door. I was gone longer than usual having looked forward to my jog at Tim Smythe park this morning. The walk to the park takes about ten minutes. I decided to jog three rounds at the outer perimeter of the park, stopping at the outdoor equipment to do 23 pushups against the bar each time.

A rainbow appeared in the sky at one point. Rain followed shortly thereafter but I continued to jog in the rain. On my way back to the flat I stopped by two shops to check on shower gel. The third stop was the art store across from the Polish bakery. My quest for the rainbow heart stickers for my son continues but the stickers were not in stock yet again.

Once home I showered and dressed for our visit to the coffeehouse. We sat near the back and waited for our order. Mario ordered a tiramisu cake which was unlike any I have ever seen. The soft layers were more gel-like and there were no ladyfingers or sponge cake rather crushed gluten-free cookies. 'Heaven in my mouth' was how Mario described it as he devoured the piece of cake before our cappuccinos arrived.

I took two bites out of my scone whilst I waited for the coffee. I also had a taste of his cake. It was good and not too sweet. As Conor arrived with the cappuccinos, he noticed Mario's empty plate. Before Conor had a chance to say anything, Mario requested another slice of cake. Conor smiled as he was about to suggest the same.

We enjoyed our time at the coffeehouse, picking up where we left off the last time I was in Ennis during the summer. Conor brought us a raw coffee espresso to try. It was strong but not bitter. I drank both of ours and was bouncing off the walls afterwards, full of energy and ready to walk around town.

One of our stops was O'Mahoney's bookstore where I found the book I wanted to get at Blackwell's in Edinburgh. I did not know the title nor the author but immediately recognised the book when I saw it on the shelf though somehow I thought the cover was aqua in colour. All I knew was it took place in Sweden and it was about a 60-year old man who was about to face a change in his life from which he could not return. Books are my addiction and I seek out at least one new book everywhere I travel, my personal library ever growing. 

Another stop was the new jewelry shop two doors down from Suas Coffeehouse. A lovely silver leaf ring caught my eye and I had to see it in person and try it on. We continued onwards towards a gift shop where I wished to look at scarves. The rain started as I decided to take the long way to get there. I perused the selections noting the fact that I had already purchased two scarves there in my previous travels to Ennis. Two scarves is the extent of my 'collection' thus far. I have a few more days to make my decision about the third scarf.

Afterwards we walked towards Ennis Bookshop where we parted ways for close to an hour. Later in the afternoon I had Mario wait for me outside the dressing room upstairs in Willow as I tried on the red dress in the window. It looked awful and was something intended for a tall flat-chested woman. Not for someone short and busty like me.

As I dragged him from one place to the next I reminded him 'It could be worse. We could be in Greyabbey'.