'Do you want me to go with you?'. He knew he promised to go jogging with me this morning, yet somehow I knew I would be going by myself. I told him he did not have to go but could meet me for coffee after my run.

I ran two rounds around the park and did my 50 bar pushups before running back to town centre. It was perfect timing as I saw him approaching across the street from where I was standing. We walked into Suas Coffeehouse and took our seats in the back. The same ones as yesterday.

Conor tempted me with the savoury scone of the day which I gladly accepted. Goat cheese with carmelised onion and a hint of rocket with red pepper jam on the side. The coffee was one from Costa Rica, I believe, and quite tasty with hints of orange and chocolate.

After our morning coffee ritual, we returned home where I showered and dressed before we headed back out for more walking around town. Since I decided I wanted the silver leaf ring I saw at the new shop yesterday, we returned to the shop where I tried the ring on one more time. After some debate, I decided it was not the right fit for me.

We continued to another jewelry shop which turned out to be too fancy for my taste and quite pricey. Mario saw how I wished to get something and suggested the silver shop where he purchased a ring for himself earlier this year. It is a shop we have passed by time and time again during each of my trips here, yet never once did I walk in.

I was hesitant, to say the least, and doubtful I would find anything of interest. As it turned out, I found many things of interest for both myself and my two daughters. Mario even found another ring for himself. I selected one ring. Then another ring with two amethyst stones caught my eye. The third one was unique as well, with its hinged compartment. I simply had to have it. I bought all three silver rings, taking two with me and having to return later in the day to pick up the last one as a hinge on the ring needed tightening.

When I returned to the silver shop later in the afternoon, the shopkeeper held the ring out to me as she finished polishing it. It was the perfect ring for my other middle finger. I perused the shop a bit more, enquiring about earrings for my daughters. I found something I knew they both would like and promised to pick them up Monday as I needed more time to select a pair of earrings for myself as well. Amidst all my doubt about finding something I would like as we walked around in the rain, there was indeed a silver lining.