Two days before my departure is the time it starts to sink in. Two days before we have to say goodbye once again as we part ways.

The morning started as other mornings. I dressed in my black ruched leggings and two long-sleeved running tops. The bitter cold was bearable once I started the brisk walk to the park and moreso once I started the first of three rounds around the perimeter of Tim Smythe park. In addition to the jogging I did my 75 bar pushups and was ready for the rest of the day to continue.

Ennis is fairly quiet on Sundays as most of the shops are not open. Not even the bookshops. The coffeehouse, however, was open and I was glad to make it there for my cappuccino and scone after walking Mario to work. It was his first day back since our holidays in Northern Ireland.

After my coffeehouse visit, I returned to the flat and retreated to the bedroom. It was cold so I curled up under the covers and read for 15 minutes before I received a text on Viber from Mario. 'Hi, love' was all it took for a smile to appear on my face. I napped for about an hour and readied myself for the walk to the restaurant where he works for an early dinner of vegetarian spring rolls with salad and 'chips' making sure to photograph the bold orange glow of the setting sun outside the bedroom window before I left.

The Poet's Corner Pub was crowded. I waited half an hour for a table in the library in the back but it was worth it. As it was warm inside, I did not mind the wait too much. Afterwards I waited outside the kitchen for Mario for a kiss and a few words before I returned to the flat.

He arrived home around 21,30h. I finished watching a German movie on ZDF whilst he went about his evening routine. We were well aware we had but two nights left to spend together. We also knew our seeing each other next time would not be as soon as times before.

Time draws nigh with each passing minute. We realise this fact but cannot ignore it. Though we wish time could stand still or I could stay here awhile longer, such is not our reality.