These two random people decided to wave 'hi' whilst I photographed the town street.

These two random people decided to wave 'hi' whilst I photographed the town street.

I could easily have slept in later this morning than I already had but decided to make my last walk to Tim Smythe park and jog two rounds. It would be my last time this year and possibly for the foreseeable future. This time it is different. After ten times visiting the Emerald Isle, it is time for a change.

Mario made me a healthy breakfast again this morning as he had yesterday before work. Two sunny-side up eggs with cucumbers, radishes, and colourful bell peppers along with sourdough bread with brie and feta. I will miss our breakfasts together as I am sure he will miss my making dinner and cakes for him.

We left the flat at noon. Mario walked me to the front door of Suas Coffeehouse where we lingered a while. After a long hug and goodbye kisses, he continued on down the street to his place of work. The new location of the coffeehouse proved to be more convenient this way.

I stayed for an hour and ordered my usual cappuccino but decided on a plain scone this time. I chatted with Conor for a while. He informed me the coffee was Costa Rican today. I will miss this morning routine as well but let Conor know I would return before closing for one final coffee.

Afterwards I walked over to Dunnes where I bought more sugar, eggs, and single cream for the cakes I planned on making. On my way home, I stopped by the silver shop where the shopkeeper informed me she was in the midst of decorating the front window and could I return in half an hour. I used this time to go home where I measured out the ingredients for two ricotta cakes. I then realised I needed more butter and possibly more flour.

On my way to The Poet’s Corner Pub, I stopped by the silver shop once again where I purchased something for my daughters and two unplanned items for myself. I made it to the pub by 15,15h where I enjoyed the vegetarian curry with rice and papadum. Mario made it particularly for me as it is not an item on the pub menu. The place was not as busy as yesterday which made for a few more moments of our being able to chat in front of the kitchen.

In a sense, I was procrastinating. I did not want to accept the fact that this was my last day in Ennis. After my lovely lunch, I returned to Dunnes where I perused the lovely kitchen items near the back of the store before making my way to the opposite side where I located the Kinder eggs for my children and the butter for the cakes.

At Open Sesame, the health food shop across from the flat, I bought the organic plain flour which I did not need in the end. Somehow I managed to stay away from the bookstores today though I have plenty of books to keep me busy until Mario and I see each other again next year.

Before my last coffee at Conor’s, I stopped by the silver shop one more time to enquire about a smaller size for one of the rings I purchased as I noticed it was too loose. The shopkeeper let me know she had none in stock but promised to post it to me in the States when it arrives.

I continued to linger at Conor's for one final cappuccino. His treat. He talked about the book festival in March and the large festival to be held in the town in August.

Once home, I made three cakes. Two five-inch ricotta cakes and one six-inch orange rosemary cake with mascarpone cream. I was happy with the ricotta cakes but quite disappointed with the orange rosemary cake as I had rewritten the recipe I made in Greyabbey to accommodate a larger pan size. Tonight’s cake ended up sinking in the middle with a small portion of the top being left unbaked. I put the cream on the cake after it cooled and decided it was edible nonetheless.

Mario made it home from work around 22,00h. The mood was somber as we both knew it was our final night together for quite some time. When and where we see each other again is unknown this time.

Farewell to Ennis. For now...