friday tree

There was quite a hubbub this afternoon as all three children rallied around me to show me their school work on this their last day of school before the two-week winter break. The girls showed me their colourful paper ornaments and beautiful cards whilst Sage read what he wrote on an outline of a Christmas stocking on a piece of paper.

His words touched me as he continued to read what he would put in the stocking. He was not thinking of himself. He did not wish for toys this time. Of all of the things a child to want, my son wanted to put money in the stocking for me to buy a house. Chocolate was also on his list as was a television but his wish for a house touched me the most.

I would like nothing more than to be able to give my children a home of our own. One where they can paint the walls of their bedroom in the colours of their choice. One where we can be free to decorate any way we want and not fear being charged a penalty upon moving out at the end of our lease. One where we can finally unpack our boxes and settle into our new place for the next several years. The goal of all five of us living under our own roof is my priority.