tree branches over river

The first goal for Liverpool was made by a Croatian - Lazar Marković. I looked over at him, my boyfriend sitting on the barstool next to me, and smiled. Liverpool versus Tottenham. In the end, the score was 3-2 in favour of Liverpool. He was happy about it. I was actually enjoying watching the soccer game at Knox's this evening and commented on how it was a more interesting game than the last one we watched a few days ago where nobody scored the entire game.

Before this evening's game, we spent as much time outdoors as possible. The temperature averaged 5 degrees Celsius today but it felt colder due to the proximity to the ocean. Despite the cold, I preferred being outdoors today.

I was awake before noon, showered, dressed and was ready to leave for the coffeehouse by the time he returned home from a brief meeting with his boss. I left alone, wanting to spend time reading my book which is taking forever to read. I bought it at the bookstore around the corner when I was here back in November. I believe I read two pages today before being distracted by the soup which arrived. It was vegetable soup and was tasty. I was hungry.

castle building

He arrived moments after I finished my soup and soda bread. We chatted for a bit until he left. I stayed and ordered a cappuccino and a plain scone. No more of the book did I read. I simply put it away in my large camera bag and walked outside looking for something interesting to photograph. Bare tree branches caught my attention as I descended the stairs by the River Fergus.

close up branches bw

I arrived at the apartment building just as he was leaving. When he arrived home we talked some more before heading out for our walk. We came upon the Eason bookstore where I ended up buying three books for my girls to encourage their reading.

Later in the afternoon I received an email from Saffron asking when she could call me on Skype. I thought she was sending the email from a computer at school until I found out she stayed home because she was sick. We spoke via Skype for a while and promised to talk again tomorrow.

Though the day started out one way, it ended up being better. Sometimes a little time and clarity is all one needs to turn things around and make it a winning situation for all.