ennis street by easons

'It will be crazy' he warned. He was right. Fill a room with people from Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Kosovo, and Russia; add food and drinks, and a fun party will take place. Last night was the staff party from his work. We arrived close to 21,30h, half an hour after the party was scheduled to begin. We found seats at the table adjacent to the 'Polish table' and would have sat there had there been seats available.

A party where you know one or two people takes a little time to get comfortable with the surroundings but it did not take me too long. The people were friendly and accepting. There was an open bar, good food, music, and dancing. At first I was hesitant to get out onto the dance floor despite my many years dancing in my youth. I loved dancing but had long since forgotten how fun it can be.

Someone eventually got me out onto the dance floor - either my boyfriend or one of his colleagues - one of the Polish guys. I then remembered the fun I used to have dancing and enjoyed tonight's time on the dance floor. People were laughing and enjoying the evening. It was noticeable how different 'office parties' are in the States where people are more reserved. It was a nice difference.

We stayed for quite a while. I ate little during the day and not much at the party since I no longer eat meat, which meant the red wine I drank took effect after the first glass. I first talked with the couple from Kosovo. It was nice to be able to talk in Croatian with them. My boyfriend introduced me to several of his co-workers, went off to talk with some of them at various points in time, and I eventually got used to my new surroundings.

About two hours after midnight is when we finally left. Many people were still partying but I thought it was time to go home and get some sleep. Luckily home meant only a five-minute walk. We ended up getting a lot of sleep as I noticed it was 14,30h when I finally crawled out of bed.

The coffeehouse was not open yesterday, so I was glad we had a chance to get coffee there today. I did not wish to go home just yet but knew most shops would be closing in the next half hour. I walked to the bookstore for a few minutes whilst my boyfriend went to meet a friend. I found a few books I wanted to get for me and my children but did not buy them this time. Perhaps when I get ready to return home.

This evening we sat and watched 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' whilst eating spaghetti. My waning appetite prevented me from eating much but I knew I had to eat something. Perhaps tomorrow my appetite will return and I will want to make lentil soup or potato leek soup. The 7 degree Celsius temperature today was perfect soup weather and should be perfect for tomorrow's prediction of cold as well.