The flight arrived before seven this morning. For the most part, I am unable to sleep during any flights. This time was different. The three hours from Austin to Newark, I believe I slept half of the time. On the ride over from Newark, I first watch 'Gone Girl' then slept through some of the next movie - 'This Is Where I Leave You'. My eyes were heavy and I dosed off for a while.

He arrived half an hour after my arrival. United Airlines sent me four different emails in the span of 15 minutes. 'You're going to be arriving late, then early, then late again, then early' went the emails. Once I reached the gate, I asked the agent what was going on with my flight. 'Oh, we're boarding in 15 minutes', she said.

In the meantime, I wanted to transfer the photos from my camera to my laptop and work on my post. When I opened my backpack, I was upset to see I had forgotten my cable. The cable for transferring photographs from my camera to my laptop. I also left the card reader at home, so that was also not an option. Walking over to Brookstone, I found a kit which included several connectors. Not wishing to pay $30, I decided to simply write my post without photographs until I reached Ennis and bought a cable there.

'Gone Girl' was an interesting movie. Crazy interesting. I wonder how the book reads. The other movie was good too albeit I was too tired to enjoy it. Dinner was simply ok. I ordered an Indian vegetarian meal - rice with vegetables in a spicy sauce. I was still hungry. There were no more pistachios left, so I resorted to chocolate.

The drive from Shannon airport to Ennis took about half an hour. As soon as we came home, we went straight to bed. It was 14h when we awoke the first time. He left to get some things done and let me sleep for another two or three hours. When he returned, we had an hour and a half left until the stores closed. The first store had the cable I needed and I was happy about it.

Afterwards, we went to buy some vegetables and cheese for a simple dinner. He prepared me my dinner and we then decided to go out for a pint. We walked into Knox's but the place was empty so we decided to go to The Old Ground. We sat in the Poet's Corner and had a pint of Guinness whilst he chatted with a few co-workers. Then we went back to Knox's since there would be live music playing.

One more pint we had whilst we waited for the two-man band to start. They were good and now more people had arrived. Not wanting to have another pint, he ordered a baby pint. Two pints and a baby we had. The first day at my home in Ireland was spent mostly in bed sleeping. Jet lag got the best of me today but tomorrow would be better.